Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu

When the Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu triumphantly threw open its doors in June this year it was like bearing witness to the final piece of a very large puzzle being pressed firmly into place. After the longest of journeys the picture was now complete and what a beautiful and exciting picture it is for […]

Limpinwood Lodge Tweed Valley

The mind of a busy parent is very seldom quiet, empty and relaxed but Limpinwood Lodge is about to change all that for me.

There is always washing to be processed in huge volumes, homework to help with, groceries to be purchased; only for them to disappear in the blink of your rather weary eye […]

Land Diving Pentecost Island Vanuatu

The hairs on the back of my neck stand directly up, despite the extreme humidity that fights to keep them firmly plastered to my body. Stirring chants from the men of the tribe are both harmoniously beautiful & terrifying all at once. We are being welcomed into the primitive world of Land Diving on […]

My Ni Vanuatu Family

Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of visiting Vanuatu will know exactly what I am talking about when I say that the people make the experience unforgettable. In our experience Ni-Vanuatu people are warm, friendly, hard-working, family-oriented, great with kids & have a happy-go-lucky attitude that is positively infectious! It is fair to […]

Queensland’s Sunshine Coast

I know I am not alone when I say that if you live in Australia there is a fair chance you love a beach holiday. Generations of families have been loading the station wagon high with bikes, scooters, beach umbrellas, boogie boards & of course the kids, since the beginning of time. With such […]

Picnic on Epi- Vanuatu

Continuing on our quest to tick off as many islands as we could in gorgeous Vanuatu , we found ourselves on the way back from Pentecost land diving & in need of a little lunch. Our Unity Airlines pilot, Cameron, suggest we pay a visit to the secluded island of Epi for a bite […]

Espíritu Santo- Vanuatu

As you all know I love Vanuatu! My family & I have had some amazing experiences in this tropical paradise, met some wonderful people & made memories to last a lifetime. We have visited 6 of the Islands & recently were lucky enough to experience the stunning island of Espiritu Santo. Being the largest […]