Here is my Ultimate Packing List. I keep this on our computer & whenever we are packing for a trip I print it out for each person to tick off as they go. Sometimes the contents alter slightly, depending on where we are going, but usually by only adding or taking off a few items.

The Ο is for ticking as you go & the  represents non-essentials that get left at home if space/weight is limited.

I find this really easy & time saving, hope you find it super helpful.

Feel free to print….

First aid kit Ο

Medication Ο

Malaria tablets Ο

Passports Ο

Wallets Ο

Travel documents Ο

List of important local contacts Ο

Laptop, charger Ο

Phone chargers Ο

Camera Ο

Compact umbrella ♦ Ο

Compact wet weather jacket or poncho Ο

Pillows, Chillows (things you put in the fridge to sleep with on hot nights) ♦ Ο

Eye pillow ♦ Ο

Clothes Ο

Undies, bras, socks Ο

Pyjamas Ο

Jacket Ο

Fitness gear Ο

Shoes, thongs, joggers Ο

Jewellery ♦  Ο

Handbag ♦ Ο

Hats Ο

Sunnies Ο

Swimmers Ο

Sarong, Beach bag ♦ Ο

Flippers & snorkels ♦ Ο

Reef shoes ♦ Ο

Note pad & pen Ο

Backpack Ο

Ear planes (things you can buy from the pharmacy to help with sore ears while flying) Ο

Chewing gum (good for pressure build up in ears on decent in the plane) Ο

Snacks ♦ Ο

Toiletries (because a girl can look good even while roughing it!)

Toothbrush, paste, floss charger Ο

Headband ♦ Ο

Hair drier ♦ Ο

Hair Brush Ο

Hairbands Straightener ♦ Ο

Shampoo & conditioner Ο

Cleanser Ο

Face creams Ο

Body cream Ο

Suncream!  Ο

Insect repellant Ο

instant relief (good for after sun) Ο

Paw paw ointment (great for dry lips) Ο

Deodorant Ο

Fragrance ♦ Ο

Air freshener  ♦ Ο

Razor & shaving foam Ο

Pads & sanitary needs Ο

Makeup ♦  Ο
Exfoliating gloves  ♦ Ο
Nail polish ♦ Ο
Eyebrow brush  ♦ Ο
Self tanning lotion & latex gloves  ♦ Ο
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