Whenever I travel with kids I focus on being super organised. My favourite travel companion, other than my family, is this a well organised Travel Wallet. As a busy mum & traveller I have found that there is nothing worse than being disorganised & under prepared, it is a sure fire way to kick your much anticipated trip off on the wrong foot.

This is a tip that a friend gave me (you know who you are, travel goddess) many years ago when our kids were smaller & now I never leave for an adventure without it firmly positioned in my excited little hand.

My travel wallet has all the most important things for a family (or solo) trip in it. Yours may contain some of these things or your own important bits & pieces. But no matter who you are I can guarantee this will make your travel life easier.

Hope this helps to inspire your inner organiser & gives you an idea of What You Need In Your Travel Wallet.

• Passports

• Itinerary

• Receipts & travel documents

• Travel insurance policy & contact numbers

• Medicare card

• Private health insurance membership card

• Drivers license or personal identification

• Bank card/debit card/credit card/keycard/travel money card

• Australian cash (Currency from wherever you call home)

• Foreign currency (just enough to get you started as you can usually get a much better conversion rate while overseas)

• Mobile/cell phone

• Power bank or solar phone charger

• Departure/arrival cards (each time I travel I always grab a handful of these babies so that I can have them all filled out before we leave home. It is a great way to avoid standing in busy airports with the kids, screaming/fighting/complaining/trying to loose themselves, while you fill out a form for each family member. Departure cards are easy to get, most airports have them sitting around & for arrival cards I always ask the airline staff for extras. This is a major, major time saver & I can’t stress enough what a great travel tip this is…Thank you once again Travel goddess!

• Ear planes (helps with cabin pressure on decent)- available from chemists & at the airport.

• Chewing gum

• Lip balm or paw paw ointment

• Small packet of tissues

• Pen.

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