I always, always travel with a well equipped Travel First Aid Kit, no matter where we are going or for how long. I guess you could say that even though I love getting off the tourist trail with the kids, I am still a crazy safety mum! I always would rather be over-prepared then find myself in a situation that could put the kids at risk. In my opinion being organised & prepared for most eventualities is the best way to be a parent travelling with your family. Here is a list of some things you will find in my first aid kit. I use a big tupperware container to keep it all in but you could also use a zip up bag or large sealy bag for a more compact packing.

Hope you find this list helpful…

Family First Aid Kit

• Photocopy of your passports, any important documents, important contacts, scripts, letters from Doctors or specialists detailing any pre-existing medical conditions.

• Copy of your Travel insurance policy.

 • Suncream
• After sun lotion

• Paracetamol/Ibuprofen/kids Panadol-liquid & tablets

• Small measuring cup

• Single use syringe

• Assorted size bandaids or sticky plasters

• Waterproof dressings

• Assorted size bandages

• Arm sling

• Safety pins

• Tweezers

• Sterile lancettes (or sterile needle to dig out any nasties)

• Betadene/Iodine/peroxide

• Antiseptic cream or ointment (Savlon, Bepanthen)

• Sterile gauze

• Scissors

• Saline

• Hand sanitizer

• Cotton buds, swabs & tips

• Latex gloves

• Small ice pack

• Small snap-activated heat pack

• Sealy bags

• Wet wipes

• Insect repellant ( I like ‘Bushman plus gel’ because it stays on even in the water & protects against sandflies, mosquitoes, ticks, leeches & marchflies – PLUS, IT DOESNT SMELL TERRIBLE & is easy to apply)
• Stingoes spray (for insect bites)
• Travel sickness tablets (Kwells or Travecalm)-See your pharmacist for advice on the best choice for you family)

• Gastro relief tablets (gastro stop, imodium or gastrex)- again seek your doctor or pharmacists advice.

• Small sewing kit

• Electrolyte & glucose powder sachets (these are great for re-hydrating if anyone has vomiting or diarrhoea, also great before bed if you have had too many cocktails!)

• Pawpaw ointment or lip salve or balm (one with sun protection, one without)

• Anti-bacterial ear drops

• Pen & note pad

• Spare toothbrush & paste

• Solar phone charger or power bank.


I hope this list helps you put together your very own Travel First Aid Kit & makes travelling with the kids a little bit closer to stress free.

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